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  1. Add Client Unique ID to Rejected Clients Log in Data Import Tool  ·  Archived

  2. Custom "Files Screen"  ·  Under Review

  3. Recover Deleted Data for Field Interactions in Locations  ·  Archived

  4. Functionality to move assessments/services/notes from one client profile to another  ·  Under Review

  5. Looker field tooltips behavior - gear icon  ·  Declined

  6. Include attendance services in "client interactions" in Client Model  ·  Archived

  7. Please update the Data Import model at Noon. We normally finish our import by then.  ·  Declined

  8. Remove the Ability to Reply to an Automated Message from Admin Admin  ·  Under Review

  9. Add Hidden Field Option to Encampment Screen  ·  Under Review

  10. Link Data Import Tool Log Results to Unique ID  ·  Under Review

  11. Add the HoH's prior_residence dimension in Looker.  ·  Declined

  12. Looker Save Access Role  ·  Under Review

  13. Field Editor  ·  Under Review

  14. Allow Referrals Data in Public Access model for Data Analysis  ·  Declined

  15. Ability to track additional custom data elements per client/reservation  ·  Under Review

  16. Allow closed CE referrals to be reassined and manually reconnected to program when auto-exited by Homeless program to a PH destination.  ·  Archived

  17. Enrollment Type Care Team Member Sharing  ·  Archived

  18. Canned Report for Users to Review CES Status  ·  Under Review

  19. Privatize Data in Clarity  ·  Archived

  20. Agency Administrator (System-like Access strictly for Agency)  ·  Under Review